4.5 ways to install SASS on Windows system

First things first, SASS  (older version) or SCSS (newer version of SASS) requires Ruby to get it working.
To install Ruby on windows, download the Windows installer and follow the instructions.

Once Ruby is installed, go to the command prompt and type 
ruby -v

If Ruby is installed, the message returned should show Ruby version. If not, go to “C:\Ruby***” folder and run command prompt from there to check for Ruby installation. ‘***’ is the Ruby version number.

Below are the steps to install SASS on Windows:

Open a command prompt and follow the instructions below

  1. type gem install sass
    This will automatically install SASS on your system assuming your system is perfect
  2. type gem install sass  --pre
    This will install the pre release stable version of SASS, assuming everything is fine on your system
  3. Git install
    If you want to install SASS via git, use the below command
    git clone git://github.com/nex3/sass.git
    cd sass
    rake install
  4. Manual install
    – Download sass gem
    – copy sass gem to Ruby folder “C:\Ruby***” folder
    cd C:\Ruby***
    – type gem install sass
    – sass should be installed
    – refer to the attachment below
  5. Using cygwin
    -still investigating how to


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